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VRAYKOS - Bulk Material Handling Systems
Bulk Materials Handling Systems
VRAYKOS - Bulk Material Handling Systems VRAYKOS - Bulk Material Handling Systems VRAYKOS - Bulk Material Handling Systems
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Industrial Big Bag Filling Systems Greece Europe - Automated Bulk Big Bag Filling & Discharge Machines Equipment

Big Bag


Big Bags are gaining in popularity as means of transportation, storage and handling . Fast, easy and reliable shift of ingredients is of great importance and significantly contributes to the reduction of production cost, especially in cases of frequent changes in products .

At VRAYKOS Bulk Material Handling Company we design industrial Big Bag filling – discharge machines which are constructed adhering to the demands of each specific installation and type of material, by providing:

  • Fully automated and safe Big Bag filling and discharge
  • Dust tight docking
  • Pneumatic height control for convenient fitting of Big Bags of different sizes
  • Easy handling, reliability and safety
  • Metal construction of the highest quality and endurance


Additionally, the following equipment can be installed in the Big Bag Filling – Discharge Systems:

  • Insert blower for the inflation of empty Big Bags before filling
  • Ventilation system
  • Vibration devices for the condensation or the dumping of flow resistant bulk materials
  • Roll conveyor for the automated transport of filled Big Bags
  • Convenient Big Bag lifting system from transport pallet into dumping station
  • Pneumatic or mechanical conveying of the discharged material
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Built-in, high accuracy weighing system
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