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Industrial Aspiration and Air Filtering Systems Greece Europe - Self Cleaning Industrial Air Filters, Bag Filters

Dedusting - Aspiration / Filtering

The VRAYKOS Bulk Material Handling Company constructs high performance industrial aspiration, dedusting and air partioning systems. Performing detailed analysis of the relevant data, our dust extraction and separation systems are engineered in order to meet the specific needs of each industrial installation. Having vast knowledge and a strong background of expertise in industrial systems and their requirements, we develop and install integrated systems for:
Aspiration and Dust Extraction (industrial filters/air filters):
  • Self - cleaning filters with compressed air
  • Self - cleaning filters with vibration
  • Sack filters , filter cartridges and filter cages
  • Aspiration piping networks
  • Filter accessories
Dust Separation Filters (cyclone separators/airlocks):
  • Filter-cyclones with embedded self-cleaning filter
  • Cyclone separators
  • Airlocks
  • Horizontal air locks with stirring for flow-resistant products

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