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Batch Mixer
Quick batch mixing, highly homogeneous blending and rapid discharge are crucial factors for efficiently producing top quality products.

Correct and efficient mixing...
Using paddle or screw mixers with either single or double shaft, the state of the art industrial batching systems engineered and manufactured by Vraykos in Greece, secure efficient and uniform blending and guarantee an excellent quality for your products. Vraykos has successfully developed and standardized a number of powder mixers which satisfy the most stringent hygiene standards and meet the requirements for the most demanding applications in the Food Industry. The wide range of powders that our mixers have the ability to produce, proves its capacity as a necessary equipment for any modern production facility.

Coating Machines
Upgrading a product can easily be achieved by coating it with many different components (e.g. vitamins, fats, perfumed powder, perfumed oils, enzymes, etc.). This procedure is being implemented by a rotating Coating Drum or Pelleting Pan. Coating Machines are particularly useful in Snacks Industry, Feed Industry and Seed Coating.

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