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Stainless Steel Chocolate Storage Tank

For keeping controlled conditions that concern temperature and stir of cocoa mass (chocolate liquor), chocolate mass, hazelnut praline paste, cream fillings etc. The high quality of the tank ensures problem free operation for many productive years. The tank is designed to have low operation cost, ensuring the quality of the stored product.

Standard Tank capacity sizes: From 2 to 20 ton

The basic equipment includes:
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Twin-shell and insulation
  • Solid welded insulation jacket
  • Vertical Stirrer
  • Electric resistors placed in circular array around vessel
  • Sealed top cover with two big openings and one small inspection door
The optional equipment includes:
  • Side scrappers installed to the stirrer
  • Product’s level (low-mid-high) indicator
  • Special feet design for tank’s setting upon weight cells
  • Ladder for easy top’s visit

Chocolate Storage Tanks

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