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Engineering- Industrial Equipment Design

At VRAYKOS, every industrial project is designed and engineered according to the individual needs of our clients and the specifications of their products. Our company’s perennial experience and expertise in many and diverse areas of industry is one of its strongest points in industrial equipment design. Our team of experienced engineers is always at your service to offer the most suitable solutions for the implementation of your industrial project. We have the know-how, the specialization, and the guaranteed outcome in industrial manufacturing automation systems engineering.

With the assistance of state-of-the-art 3D CAD SOLIDWORKS (Computer-Aided Design) systems, we design the whole project, as well as each separate piece of industrial equipment. This enables us to meet the requirements of your industrial space from as early as the initial phase of the implementation of industrial manufacturing projects. We then incorporate each piece of machinery and equipment into the complete industrial installation, which will be easy to handle and will have a long life span.

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