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Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Greece - Automated Bulk Materials Handling System Installations, Machinery Constructions

Our long-lasting experience in the engineering and construction of industrial equipment and installations, enables us to deliver turnkey projects, developed according to the particular needs and specifications of our clients.

Our projects integrate both mechanical and electrical equipment, depending on the requirements of each particular installation. The main machinery is manufactured in Germany and Switzerland, while the additional equipment is manufactured by us in Greece.

We are able to select the most suitable machinery constructions for each project, since we closely cooperate with well-known firms of the E.U. (Derichs GmbH – Buhler GmbH)

Assembly is performed by highly skilled technical personnel, which is supervised by our experienced engineers. One of our main concerns is the prompt and speedy technical service offered to our clients, who are mainly involved in the food, plastics, chemical and animal feed industries.

At the VRAYKOS Industrial Equipment Manufacturers in Greece, we develop a wide variety of bulk materials handling systems and installations used for:

Machinery constructions and engineering are performed, conforming to the most rigid quality and safety norms and regulations, regarding both the mechanical and electrical engineering industrial projects.

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