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Industrial System Installations Greece - Factory Automation Machinery Constructions, Equipment, Maintenance, Repairs


Assembly of Factory Automation Machinery Constructions

VRAYKOS and Associates in Greece handle the assembly of all of the industrial systems it constructs, installing them so that they are ready for operation.

Each project’s equipment goes through a detailed quality control before it is transported from the workshop to the worksite, where highly-trained technicians assemble the installation, under the supervision of our engineers.

Effective trials and detailed surveys of the operational features of the installation are performed according to technical procedures developed in VRAYKOS, while the whole checking process is strongly based on the experience of our engineers.

During the start-up of the setup, we take care of the last details, so that the factory automation machinery operates flawlessly, in a harmonic interaction with the rest of the production unit sections.


Service, Maintenance & Repairs of Equipment & Constructions

The full coverage that we provide does not end with the assembly and installation of your project. Our experienced technical personnel offer full technical support and maintenance services of all industrial systems installations fitted by our company, promptly responding to all your calls.

We are well-organized and maintain a very good business relationship with our suppliers, allowing us to obtain and install spare parts in a very short time.

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