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Industrial Milling Equipment Greece - Automated Powder Screening, Grinding Mill, Granular Process System Manufacturers

Grinding & Industrial Milling

What determines the success and efficiency of a milling process are the initial and final particle size distribution, the physical and mechanical properties of the material, the correct determination of the grinding capacity and above all, experience and expertise.

The VRAYKOS Bulk Material Handling Company designs and constructs complete industrial milling equipment, such as highly efficient grinding mills and granular process systems, ensuring:

  • Efficient processing of sensitive and hard-to-handle materials like hygroscopic fine sugar
  • Integration of state-of-the-art explosion resistant ATEX technology conforming to 94/9/EC regulations

Screening & Sieving

For the control of particle size distribution and the screening of undesirable matter, VRAYKOS ensures:

High efficiency and unobstructed operation, incorporating automated powder screening systems that are appropriately engineered and constructed for each specific stage of the production process:

  • ATEX Vibration screeners
  • Centrifugal sieves
  • Plansifters
  • Corn Pre - Cleaner
  • ΑΤΕΧ Breakers
  • Packet Evacuation Machines for Flour Mills

You can sustain the highest level of quality for your products, using:

  • In-line magnetic separators for free falling material
  • Magnetic separators incorporated in pneumatic conveying lines
  • Rare Earth magnetic cores with intense magnetic fields
  • Effective removal of ferromagnetic contaminants...

You are guaranteed convenience, safety and high quality due to the following characteristics:

  • Easy cleaning and reliable operation
  • Dust tight

Available in mild (St-37) and stainless steel versions

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