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Pneumatic Conveying Systems (Pneumatic Conveyors) - Vacuum & Air Conveying Systems The design of pneumatic conveying systems is mainly based on the conveyed material properties and the investment cost involved, depending on the industrial space characteristics, the length of travel and the capacity requirement of the production process. A successfully engineered pneumatic conveying system significantly contributes to the reduction of the production cost. The VRAYKOS Bulk Material Handling Company, the top ranking developer of pneumatic conveying systems within Greece, designs setups that make the difference for their top quality, high efficiency and unobstructed operation.
Pneumatic Transport – Air Conveying We namely implement:
  • Pressure and Vacuum conveying systems
  • Low or high conveying velocity systems
Suitable for pneumatic conveying of:
  • Flow-resistant raw materials and products
  • Degradable materials
  • Powders or granular materials

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