Vraykos engineering


Automated Batch Weighing, Dosage Metering Systems Greece Europe - Continuous Flow Weighing and Dosing Equipment

Weighing and dosing is the core of a production unit. Reliable weighing with proper load cells and recording of recipes and statistics using contemporary electronic processing systems are an essential requirement in every modern industry.
The VRAYKOS Bulk Material Handling Company develops and installs all – inclusive automated batch weighing and dosage metering systems, for:
  • Positive or negative weighing
  • Batch weighing
  • Continuous flow weighing
  • Volumetric dosing of liquids
  • Gravimetric dosing
  • Fully automated additive dosage processes
  • Raw material bagging
  • Automated or manual bagging including automated weighing
The basic element in our scaling systems is the most modern and reliable load cells:
  • Load cells for interior or exterior usage
  • Load cells for scaling range from 1 kgr up to 50 T

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